AHC Entertainment can offer a clear career path from starting off as a member of our floor team on day one to progressing to running your own venue. All managers are enrolled on our Management Development Programme, which provides them with the necessary skills and competencies to run a successful business and progress along the career ladder in whichever direction they choose.

For a fantastic career path, working within a fun environment with a philosophy based on the Deltic Group difference of being more Passionate, more Principled, more Professional and more Participative, why not join us?

Become part of a winning team - become part of the AHC Entertainment.

We are currently recruiting for the following vacancies. To apply, please email us an opening letter or CV

Negotiable The first stage for a non-experience bar member, you will learn the fundamentals of the tills, the difference between a tornado glass and a Martini. Be able to do all the duties of a glass collector and know how to pour a double and a mixer.

Negotiable You’ve been doing the job a while now and you know how to keep a bar clean, while making the most popular drinks on the menu. It is time for you to step up your game and start learning how to make some serious cocktails. Now you have mastered the art of pouring the basics, your focus is on giving great customer service with a smile.

So you feel that Doubles and mixers are a bit last year for you and it is time to step up, you will show a keen knowledge of all the cocktails on the menu and be able to recite the ingredients and what is in them on queue. Your workstation is always clean, your uniform pressed and you look sharp all the time. While your knowledge is good, you are now starting to focus on your style and flaring abilities.

There is nothing you don’t know about the art of Cocktail making, not only do you know the menu inside & out, you know cocktails not on the menu from the far out backs of Notre Dame. You are also aware how to substitute ingredients and design a new cocktail to meet the customers taste. Your flaring is world class while surprisingly, you do all this with a perfect smile and great customer service.

No script needed, you are the pinnacle of knowledge when it comes to Cocktails and customer service. But you have the patience of a god when it comes to training the new staff. You will host all our Cocktail Making parties for the numerous Stag and Hen parties we have, be involved in training all staff and offer friendly peaceful advice while working a normal shift. You will not cut corners and lead by example

Assistant Manager-
You might find that the Cocktail making is not your biggest desire in life and while it is fun and flaring looks pretty cool, it may be time to move towards the more administrative and legal side of the industry. You will be able to perform at a Cocktail Expert level if needed and have a keen knowledge of stock, computer literate and willing to go that extra mile.

Bar Manager-
So your experience as an Assistant manager has paid off and you feel that your maturing to a point where you need your own team to guide into positive cocktail making and customer driven team. You know every inch of your bar and you know how you like it, your ideas are plentiful and you are full of energy to make them happen. While being this positive aura of customer service charm and operational slickness, you are able to solve problems and predict issues before they happen under pressure. Your main focus is on learning all the laws and regulations associated with a club and working towards a personal license. Your one step away from being at the top.

General Manager-
Negotiable If you are at this stage, no explanation is required. You are the Oracle of all things and able to charm and defuse any situation. Management comes naturally and pressure is a thing of the past. Personal license and knowledge of licensing is a most. But don’t forget you will be guiding all staff including the promotions towards the future of the venue. So image is essential.

You are too cool for school, everyone wants to be you and follow you to the best venue in town. Presentation is key and sales banter is a must. The better you perform the more money you will earn.

Promoting is natural to you both on the street and pre-event on social media. You regularly hit targets and you are great at motivating the street team.

Negotiable It's time for those legs to retire and the desk to come out, social media is your new street. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is your life and you know how to use it. Copy-writing and what’s hot is your area of expertise and you are not afraid to use it.

Negotiable What it says on the tin, waitress for VIP, keep our special guests happy and earn some extra money by upselling those bottles.